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Operations Manager 


  • Ensure timely delivery of projects 

  • Liaise effectively with external suppliers, manufacturers and clients, situated both locally and internationally 

  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and develop solutions

  • Manage, track, analyse and report on financials, schedules, risks, deliverables, personnnel, etc. specified in the project

  • Lead and manage the site and office teams 

  • Manage large-scale overseas procurement 



  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience

  • Demonstrated experience proactively recognizing a challenge or problem and working with a variety of teams and data sources to diagnose the problem and recommend solutions

  • Practical mind 

  • Ability to cope with tense situations 

  • Natural charisma and leadership abilities 

  • Proficient with MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel skills



  • Attractive remuneration package 

  • Career advancement opportunities

  • Exposure to international transactions 



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